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BMI The Duchy Hospital Harrogate

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What is The Yorkshire Knee Clinic?

The Yorkshire Knee Clinic is a partnership of specialist knee surgeons and works with associated disciplines united by their area of expertise and interest. The organisation was founded by two knee surgeons, Stuart Calder and Nick London in 2002. They have subsequently been joined by Dave Duffy.

They work in association with musculo-skeletal physicians, physiotherapists and other professionals
to provide a holistic approach for all knee conditions.

Where is Yorkshire Knee Clinic?

The Yorkshire Knee Clinic does not operate from one geographical base, but works out of a
number of private hospitals in the Leeds/Harrogate area. best online pokies
Click here to find our location,
which is most convenient for you.

Why Yorkshire Knee Clinic?

Our philosophy is that by building a team of clinicians whose main focus is the knee we are able to provide the highest level of specialised, state-of-the-art treatments particularly for more complex knee problems. Our consultant-led approach provides the assurance that our patients will always receive the best advice and most appropriate treatment from leading specialists in the area.
The conditions treated range across the whole spectrum of knee ailments: from sports injuries to arthritis, from arthroscopy (keyhole surgery) and ligament reconstruction to the full complement of knee replacement options.

Mr S. J. Calder

Private appointments at The Duchy Hospital (Harrogate), Nuffield Hospital and Spire Hospitals (Leeds)

Email: Private Secretary: Elaine Ingham:
Tel. 0113 388 2009

Mr D J Duffy

Private appointments at BMI, The Duchy Hospital (Harrogate)

Email: Private Secretary: 01423 553748

Mr Nick London

Private appointments at BMI The Duchy Hospital (Harrogate) and at Nuffield Health Hospital (Leeds).

Email: Private Secretary: June Kellett:
Tel. 01423 369 119